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Sat, June 15, 2024

Beyond Barriers: Shaping the Africa We Want

The main event

Our unbelievable music festival

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Event Schedule

Imagine Africa – what visions and thoughts emerge? By the year 2050, a staggering one-quarter of the global population will call Africa home. This continent, rich with untapped opportunities, also navigates unique challenges in areas spanning technology, education, socio-political issues, identity, environmental stewardship, and the advancement of renewable energy. Our TEDx event, “Beyond Barriers: Shaping the Africa We Want,” is a beacon for inclusivity and diversity, promoting a transformative journey from unlearning entrenched ideas to embracing new solutions that transcend traditional boundaries.

We bring together a dynamic assembly of thinkers and innovators from the KNUST community, including students, faculty, and alumni, for this event. Engaging in vibrant, thought-provoking conversations, these leaders challenge established norms and share ideas with the power to initiate change. Their collective insights aim to forge pathways for a continent on the cusp of significant global influence. As we navigate these pivotal times, this event is more than a conversation; it's a collaborative effort to build a future that aligns with the promise and potential of Africa as foreseen in emerging global trends. Join us in this vital endeavor to shape a resilient and prosperous Africa for generations to come.

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